In accordance with section 9 of the Building Control Regulations, 2015, the functions of the DCU are:

i. Supervise the implementation of the Land Use Plan, and Local Planning Systems or any approved planning guidelines issued by the Town Planning Department or any other planning authority.

ii. Supervise development in all designated areas, and any other key areas in Zanzibar

iii. Issuing building permit.

iv. To provide approval for the completion of building before it is officially launched.

v. Monitoring the various stages of building after an applicant been given permission by DCU.

vi. Ensure that all building standards, building guidelines and procedures are properly adhered as required by law or regulations.

vii. To ensure that open spaces and public ways are administered as determined by the local Planning Sector or the Planning Guideline issued by the Urban Planning Department or any other Planning Authority.

viii. Advise institutions related to Land, Municipal, Local Councils, Management and Heritage Management on issues related to land use, planning, management and development of unplanned or planned areas or both.

ix. Taking action or through related institutions for those who Fail to meet the building criteria and standards.

x. Advise institutions responsible for matters of protection, conservation and management , conservation and management of specific areas and facilitate the development of social, economic and cultural activities within the area.

xi. Facilitate the protection, preservation and management of historical, heritage and cultural sites, making the City of Zanzibar a hub of cultural development and an important center of cultural expression in East Africa; and

xii. Do any other work related to building control in Zanzibar.

Sample of building permit form


Is To Increase development control through effective, transparent and participatory system of sustainable land use in Zanzibar

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