DCU is a government institution under the Ministry of Land, Housing, Water and Energy and President Office Responsible for Local Governments.The institution is formed by eleven local government authorities in Zanzibar which are urban municipalities, West A, West B, Chake chake city Council , Wete, Mkoani, South Council, Central, North A, north B, and Micheweni as well as some of the Central Government-related institutions that are the Department of Urban Planning, Urban Development Authority, Zanzibar Building Agency and Zanzibar Environmental Management Authority (ZEMA) as well as the association of businessmen, industry and farmers in Zanzibar are also part of DCU representing the private sector.Until, in 2020, DCU was formed by the Seventeen Committee (17) and two professional committees that are:

The DCU Committee consist of following Institutions:
1. Department of Urban and Urban Planning (Chairman)
2. Stone Town Conservation and Development Authority
3. Zanzibar Environmental Management Authority
4. Zanzibar Building Agency
5. Zanzibar Board of Architects, Engineers and Quantity Surveyors
6. Zanzibar Municipality
7. Western A Municipality Council
8. Western B Municipality Council
9. Chake chake Council
10. Wete City Council
11. Mkoani District Council
12. Central District Council
13. South-District Council
14. North A District Council
15. North A District Council
16. Micheweni District Council
17. Zanzibar Chamber of Commerce

Organisation Structure of DCU

Building Permit and Control Technical Committee.
(b) Development Control Technical Committee.
(2) Each Technical Committee may have seven (7) members who shall be recommended by the Control Unit
(3) Subject to sub regulation (1) of this regulation:-
(a) The Director of Municipal Council shall be a Chairperson of the Building permit and Control Technical Committee.
(b)The Chairperson of Architects, Engineers and Quantity Surveyors Registration Board, shall be a Chairperson of the Development, Control Technical Committee.

Technical Committee shall have the following functions:
The Building Permit and Control Technical Committee shall have the following functions:
i. to organize meeting and prepare reports of the Control Unit; coordinate the whole process of granting building permit and authorization and present the applications to the Control Unit for a final decision and approval; collect all revenues from fees and charges paid for the building permit and any other charges; ensure that all standards, guidelines and regulations related to land use, planning, construction and conservation are observed;
v. to organize monitoring mechanism; and do any other matter related to development, are followed accordingly.

Development Control Committe
Development Control Technical Committee shall have the following functions:
To ensure that development activities in all planned areas and sites comply with land use plan and local planning schemes; organize monitoring mechanism; and take legal action to anyone who negligently or wilfully fails to meet the requirements of the guidelines and procedures of land use plan and local planning schemes.


Is To Increase development control through effective, transparent and participatory system of sustainable land use in Zanzibar

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